The Curious CANNABIS CLEANSE Movement

The FREE downloadable or online eBook, The Cannabis Cleanse, debuted alongside 2016 to challenge the old ideas of coping with health’s road bumps. Find out more and read my personal testimonial!

My “Me Too” Creed

All people have the right to feel safe within their own bodies with other bodies present.

We should all be taught and teach others to be mindfully present in our interactions with one another, compassionately sharing respect with all beings.

We do live in a world….

Watch “Dr. Oz defends medical marijuana on Fox News” on YouTube

“The real story is the hypocrisy around medical marijuana… real quickly, medical marijuana, people think is a gateway drug to narcotics- it may be the exit drug to get us out of the narcotic epidemic.. but we are not allowed, we are not allowed to study it cuz it’s a ‘Schedule 1 drug’; and I personally believe it could help.”
-Dr. Oz, FOX News, 9/19/09

Photography Across The U.S. • Highlights

A collection of my favorite photos taken across the USA. …explore away, oh curious pioneer! ••••••••••••••• Highlights from my travels From Ohio to Colorado to California From people to mountains to oceans And anything that especially inspired me in-between!

Original Art Highlights!

I have never felt as at peace as I have when I am using my tools of creation: my eyes, hands, the canvas, paint, brushes, pens, markers, pencils, cameras, editing apps, and my every day interactions come together to express my soul. I hope you enjoy these creations and glimpses into my life.

Growing Up in Ohio [1 Min Read]

“Ohio never asked me to be anything sparkling. She never said I wasn’t Good Enough or made me feel like I was trapped. She showed me her deepest, darkest soils. She pounded me with rains that flood my dreams to this day. Ohio gave me hills to wonder about until I scaled them, and rivers to believe were impermeable until I learned to cannon-ball through them. She cradled me in blazing sunsets and pushed me into the world with fires of faith. Ohio never asked me to be anything but as real as the trees that whispered to me from her surface.”