Obtaining Your CA Medical Cannabis Card In 2017

My first MMJ Card

came from living in Colorado for a short but beautiful period. The season was Winter of 2012-2013, and I ended up working at and helping manage my first dispensary at the same time.

I have had a California-issued Medical Cannabis prescription for 4 years now, and it has made such a positive impact in my life in many ways. 

With a legitimate MMJ Card you can:

  • Breathe easy knowing you are obtaining your medicine at a state-legal level
  • Begin a relationship with  a “Caretaker”, whom should become a source of support and information  
  • Order your cannabis medicines via delivery to your door
  • Enter medical dispensary storefronts in your state
  • Join a Cannabis Collective
  • Enjoy whatever form(s) of cannabis you need in the comfort of your home without worry 

Did you know you can GET YOUR CARD ONLINE?!

I’ve tried the cheap walk-in way, the expensive sit-down evaluation appointment route, and my favorite yet is the simple, affordable, and straight-forward method of ordering my card through an online evaluation. At first, I didn’t trust the idea whatsoever. After working at a prestigious California cannabis dispensary and validating that form of prescription with success every day, however, I knew it was time that I try it. Besides, who wants to deal with chronic pain while navigating the Los Angeles city traffic to hunt down the best route of acquisition? Find parking, pay fees, lose hours of my day while building up inflammation and pain from all of the fuss? No, thanks.

I’m never going back if I don’t have to. Online is the only way for me now.

I spent under 20 minutes total putting in my info, waiting for my call, and speaking with a doctor over the phone. I explained my conditions, let him know I was renewing overall (just not with them as it was my first time), and received a PDF format prescription immediately in my e-mail while my payment of $59 went through. In days, I got my hard ID card in the mail- which I got to choose the photo for, a perk I loved.

None of this will be necessary January 1, 2018


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(Note: This post was in no way endorsed by Hello MD, nor do they know that I have written this article.)