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There’s a lot going on in the world around us, so I’ll keep this short-n-sweet:

I grew up on the Ohio River and unexpectedly moved to California in 2013.

I packed a heavy wicker basket full of my acrylic paints (TOO full!), hopped a ride from Michigan, and started backpacking on foot with my fresh new Kalamazoo love and our 2 dogs.  Despite an over-decade-old diagnosis of severe Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis that left me needing both knees and elbows replaced, I let my faith and passion for adventure and travel push me forward

I learned quickly how little I really needed to thrive, shedding pounds of possessions (and extra weight) as we began our journey in The Emerald Triangle by landing first in Arcata of Humboldt County, passing through the mountains of Northern California, and with the passing of years moving into our first real home in Long Beach, next to the glorious Pacific Ocean. I’m becoming lighter than ever, learning to float and to flow like the many waters I’ve known and loved.   

Water is my anchor. Without it near, I feel like I’m drowning. I’m still learning to push myself to get to the beach regularly and overcome the fears that are accidentally conditioned with a life of chronic pain. Thankfully, depression and anxiety are no longer my companions, though, now that I’m almost to 30, with 16 years of experience under my belt. Having succeeded in getting myself off of Prednisone – a psychosis-inducing steroid prescribed for inflammation- has helped so much. How much cannabis medicine has helped with all of it is MIND BLOWING, is a blessing, and was entirely unexpected. We’ll be talking plenty more about that. #LegalizeHealing

I studied Spanish, Social Services, and Allied Health in college. Not cannabis. Not advocacy. Not art. Not photography. Not writing. None of the things that have come to change my life and really enrich it the most. Funny how that happens sometimes, huh? 

Intuition has become my best friend, and it whispered into my ear years ago that I’d be on this path one day. Each day I’m working towards strengthening my body and my artistic skills, expanding my knowledge and communication, and softening my heart. I hope to be a light on your path like so many people have been to me, now that my light can shine long and strong again.

We’ve got this, and it’s going to be fun.