More About Me



Hi there. I’m Kayla Arielle, and I’m glad that you’re here.

I am 29 years old and looking forward to 30. I have spent a great deal of my life practicing balance with chronic pain and mental and emotional upsets that the diagnosis of severe Juvenile-onset Rheumatoid Arthritis brought over 15 years ago. Time has taught me to fiercely appreciate each breath, each movement, every opportunity to laugh from the pit of your stomach, and every bit of love to be found in each day.


After meeting my boyfriend of now 4-years at Rootwire Music & Arts Festival 2013, we departed on an adventure that left us backpacking on foot in the mountains of Northern California and has led us to a life we love in Long Beach with a Subaru, business opportunities, new friends, and memories like seshing on the roof of the High Times LA Headquarters, kayaking with seals in the Pacific Ocean, meeting fascinating people like Joe Rogan, Marilyn Manson, Melissa Etheridge, Joey Diaz, Jessimae Peluso (my girl), Justin Martindale (my boy), Doug Benson, George Jung, Craig Robinson, and more all as we advocate for Medical Cannabis use and spread the Good Ganja Knowledge. 

All of this has led me to accepting a few labels that I pray may aid me in becoming ‘a better person’-

in other words,

a being set in motion to utilize her capability of creation and the butterfly effect to join energetic forces with other beings to bring about tangible positive paradigm shifts day-by-day.

Such As:

I am a big sister by birth, Godmother to twins, sorority sister…

Stock Pot Images Photographer, aspiring author, budding and successful artist, painter, charcoal portraitist, sporadic budtender, small-scale entrepreneur & business manager…

Body Positive, Medical Cannabis, Invisible Illness, Physical Disability, Mental Disability & Illness, Environmental, LGBTQ, World Peace, Human Rights ANNND Spiritual Freedom Ally + Advocate PLUS…

Spoonie, hula-hooper, budding Yogi (we all are!),  nature-LOVER, animal-lover, ‘dog-freak’, cleaner-upper, speak-upper, stand-upper, ocean-lover…

whom practices mindfulness & gratitude daily for the sake of being a light in the world she explores and “a better ancestor”.

 To be an ally and advocate, the real world needs our interaction. Which brings me to this addition: I am an ex- social media manager studying and practicing an anti-social-media-addiction lifestyle in which we free ourselves from the constraints of constant notifications and technological so-called ‘responsibilities’-

leading to a better & truer connection.

Please, my friends, join me as we create the historical truths we dream of by first thinking outside of the box we must burn. *maniacal laugh* j/k … But, really.

I’m excited to share breathtaking photos, original art, writings on healing, growth, the adventures and secrets that have fueled my story, and more!

Join me in creation, in communication, and in a little bit of cannabis-accompanied chill.

With Kristen Williams

[ Los Angeles, California ]