About Me

My name really is Kayla Arielle. I was born and raised on the banks of the Ohio River. Five years ago I ran away to the West Coast with my new love, our dogs, and a dream, and we now live in Long Beach, California -SO amazingly close to the Pacific Ocean (#aquaholic) .
I’ve always been a nature freak. Growing up, you could always find me somewhere in the tress running wild and free. When I was 13, doctors diagnosed me with severe Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has caused me to be bedridden at times, crippled in debilitating inflammation and pain. Yet that wild child in me refuses to be silenced or stilled.
Today, I am an artist, writer, photographer, Cannabis patient, and patient at UCLA Rheumatology in Los Angeles, California. Combining mindful living, healing modalities, wise dietary choices, and movement, I am creating a new life for myself. I am committed more than ever to being an example of healing AND to fulfill my life-long desire to become a master artist one day.
More than anything, I understand the importance of using my life to be of service to others. Ask Me Anything for future vlogs, blogs, and more: simplyseekingnature@gmail.com
Stay tuned for a new chapter in my artistic career / life. XO
@artistkaylaarielle // @THESpoonieSisterhood // @LegalizeHealingProject
NEWEST HEADSHOTS : By Todd Westphal // @ishootamerica // www.ishootamerica.com
OLD HEADSHOTS : By Jessica Robles // @jrphotola // @shoots_with_jessica