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Have you ever heard of the Endocannabinoid System?

Most likely not, although you and every other creature with a vertebrae has it. Also referred to as the “ECS“, its discovery began in the mid-1900’s in Israel with the research of Dr. Raphael Meshulam and his team (watch movie The Scientist on YouTube here).

While most of modern society is currently completely ignorant of it, it is quickly becoming the most important bodily system to come to understand, as it regulates our other systems as needed. Due to our involuntary ignorance, many of us suffer from what is termed Endocannabinoid Deficiency.

Thanks to the research of Dr. Michele Ross and her new book Vitamin Weed: A Four-Step Plan To Prevent And Reverse Endocannabinoid Deficiency, it is now simple for us all to come to understand this concept AND how to thrive with the new knowledge from it!

MY THOUGHTS: I have personally been on this journey with Mary Jane for 9 of the 17 years that I have severely suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Trying to pull pertinent and correct information from the infinite sources we have was exhausting and overwhelming for me, being someone with a fear of misinformation. Three years ago I stumbled across Dr. Ross’ teachings online, and it began a chapter of clarity for me. This book ties it all in to a deep yet neat package that I consider an essential companion for any serious cannabis patient or advocate.

So then how am I supposed to keep track of what I’m learning as I’m tying it into my daily cannabis medicine practice?

I love notebooks and journals… I always have! Yet years of attempting to keep a decent cannabis healing journal never worked out at all.

When I found the gorgeous Patient Journal: Medical Cannabis Companion, the nerdy student in me lost mah mind. Gold Leaf has answered this patient necessity to a T— every section is incredibly thoughtful and well-designed, plus the golden font on front and beautiful blue cover go great with Vitamin Weed, and an artist does love her aesthetics! It has a cannabinoid guide, a terpene chart, an ailment directory, and more.

MY THOUGHTS: Even as a star student and artist type, it has been a waste of time and energy to attempt to keep track of my progress and healing notes in a normal notebook or diary of any kind. I consider this baby to also be an essential for anyone who truly desires to discover how they can best heal with the help of cannabis therapies.

Note to Readers: Products on my site have been found, bought, and tried independently on my own. After 17 years, I finally know what is best, and therefore worth sharing. I am now contacting my loved companies for affiliate links to share with you. With these links, they are able to track how many people I am bringing into their world, and I also get a small % of any sales made through my links. I promise to never share anything I don’t use myself. THANK YOU for your support in this as it will help me in so many ways! Email me with any questions or feedback on anything I share.



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  1. Nicole Cappelletti says:

    Wow nice, I especially like the Patient Journal: Medical Cannabis Companion. Great finds!

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