[1 Min Read] Redwood Forest, Arcata … ‘Wild Nature’ 

When I feel lost, 

I take off into the Redwoods… 

My arms hug old trees 

and strange roots, 

my feet hug the earth 

and are drawn to burnt logs. 

I wind up with sap in my hair 

and the scent 

intoxicates my soul.

 I lie on the ground 

for huge banana slugs, 

and run 

across the longest 

fallen, moss-covered giants 

to remind 


of my wild 


A photo I took in the redwood forest of Arcata 2013

Written for the Arcata Redwood Forest, HUMBOLDT CA, July 2014

Sunlight filtering through the trees here always holds an extra magical essence!
Amidst life’s chaos, balance is found on fallen friends as my feet find guidance hugging an ancient tree
Precious items finding an energy recharge in the Redwood Forest
A moment of stillness in the sunlight with my old rescue pup
My first days in California were spent in the Redwood Forest and were completely full of awe!
I swear the air feels different in here
My first days in California were spent secretly living in this Redwood Forest and Lori was my boyfriend and mines first guest!
Oops! I interrupted a banana slug’s lunch!
My boyfriend and I returned often with our dogs and friends, and can’t wait to return once more!
Every moment in the Redwood Forest is joy
The trees extend for lifetimes here!
Welcome to the real Fern Gully
“Beam me up into the Redwood sunlight!”


wild nature

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