11 Pictures That Prove Ohio Is A Perfect Fall Destination

🍃🍂 Autumn is in full swing in Ohio …😍🍁

“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” ~Rumi

All kinds of factors play into the display of colors that we are gifted in the autumn in most States. I flew cross-country from California to spend a month in my stunning home state of Ohio, watching it morphe from lush green to sunny yellow and deep copper hues.

🌾 I fell in love with goldenrods all over again after going for a four-wheeler ride and picking some with my Mom… I would love to get these tattooed one day.

To me, they represent the bright parts in the changing of our own seasons when we may begin to fear the coming cold.

My first day back in my homelands of Ohio, my sister and I were greeted with this gorgeous double rainbow to herald the coming of the changing leaves. 🌈

The wonder-filled child in me is still very much alive and was so thrilled to see that my dad had scattered a lovely natural garden border of wildflowers between two of our old farm fields. 😍

After being in the city of Los Angeles for over 10 months, my soul greatly needed some healing time alone in the nature gifted by the beauty of Ohio. Here I took an afternoon on the Ohio River to contemplate many chapters of my life that took place alongside this body of water. We can hear a lot in the silence, and clarify a lot of confusion within our souls, especially when we choose water as our peaceful companion. ✌

Water is everything to me. Being far away from body of water makes me feel like I am suffocating, or claustrophobic in the dryness even. It’s my favorite thing to drink, always by my side. Getting to grow up alongside this River was such a wild blessing. If you’ve never had a few days on the dirt roads or trusty docks that line the Ohio River, you’re missing out. 🤗

I took this shot going down my very favorite mini dirt road shortcut. It’s actually a screenshot from a video that I took a long the entirety of it. There is one area that is so muddy you might get stuck in it, but butterflies love that mud and flock to it in kaleidoscopic style. Did you know a large group of butterflies is called a ‘kaleidoscope’? How I would love to look through a kaleidoscope made of all fall leaves! 💫

Speaking of leaves, this tree befuddled me the entire month that I was visiting Ohio! I thought it’s leaves would eventually turn gold or bronze and heavily drop, but no. They remained green on the top and held on like there was no tomorrow. To each tree, his own! 😃

Also, to each bee his own! As someone who made bees their science fair project in the 4th grade and has had a love and concern for them ever since, it made my little heart giddy to see these little guys covering every flower and fruiting tree in sight! I spotted them all throughout each day, busy and happy with all of their many options each time. 🐝

I personally didn’t stay busy while being back in Ohio, but made sure to take the time to pause and notice the little moments. Getting to stand out on the old porch roof at the picturesque farm house and watch the sun come up on chill mornings was just as lovely as sunsets I’ve watched on the beaches of California. Not to mention, for some reason that little plant growing out of the gutter just made me fall in love with it. Like I said, it’s the little things. 🌱

I hope to remember, honor, and enjoy the fun in that as this gorgeous fall moves into winter, and we all eagerly await another beautiful spring to awaken our Spirits once more.

If you’ve missed autumn in Ohio this year, click the logo above for a deeper look into fall in this state and plan an adventure next year or order your free travel guides and more! Something about the changing of the leaves has the ability to catalyze much-needed change in us, as well. 🖒


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