The Curious CANNABIS CLEANSE Movement

Have you heard about the Cannabis Cleanse?
No, not the kind we sought in college to outsmart an outdated system of corrupt prohibition… This is for the new era of health-savvy guys and gals!

Nearly gone are the days of following a paradigm sold to us before our birth. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 successfully put the first huge road block up against patients and persons whom find benefit from consumption of the cannabis plant.

As we watched our government usher in the legality of overshadowingly harmful alcoholic beverages, citizens gradually watched their rights to health be stripped away.

Fear not.
Welcome to 2016

January came with a bang in the cannabis industry, seeing countless news articles hitting the presses to inform the masses on the many successes in the movement from 2015. Businesses are booming, big voices in politics are coming forward, states are reevaluating their stands, women are leading the way, and even minorities such as the Disabled Community (including myself at this time for severe Rheumatoid Arthritis) are finding new and sustainable opportunities to THRIVE.

SO the days have arrived to welcome a brand new idea:
The Cannabis Cleanse
introduced by Women Grow co-founder, Jane West, designer Kristen Williams, and author Kira Gresoski.

“This book will explain why you should consider incorporating cannabis into your system instead of flushing it out.”
(p. 5)

These highly intelligent women chose to present their idea in a neat and cheerily-presented FREE eBook. It is your answer to practically all of your fundamental questions and concerns pertaining to cannabis ingestion.

A clear explanation of the Endocannabinoid System starts us out with some real science which we have largely been left in the dark about thus far.

They transition us into testimonials on using cannabis as medicine, a weight loss tool, PTSD therapy, yoga and music enhancement, and a general creative catalyst. Women especially came forward to share their stories on how cannabis consumption aided them in self-awareness and self-discipline that led to a highly (no pun intended) productive and positive lifestyle.

I myself had the exciting honor of adding a bit of my experience to the effort. (You can find my quote at the top of page 22, or below.)


Due to the negative side effects of alcohol consumption- especially coupled with the near-tragic side effects of the above-mentioned prescription medication, Prednisone- I made the Cannabis Cleanse lifestyle choice in October 2014. It has radically transformed my life for the better.

I was pleased as Granddaddy Purp to see such an eloquently presented proposal as this eBook! I see it as a fast-track guide to Cannabis intelligence and lifestyle upgrading… And they make it all simple and fun as well.

For example, you’ll have the pleasure of their interactive features:

•Quizzes- to help match one to their proper usage (smoking, vaping, topicals, or edibles?) and simple guides to the individual mechanisms and mechanics to doing so

•General strain breakdown and advice (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid?), complete with “Terpene fast facts”

•Tips for “When and Where To First Try Cannabis”

This fantastic guide ends with cannabis recipes followed by general nutrition, exercise, and alcohol consumption ‘awareness challenges’, one might say.

This is a book for the well-rounded mind, driven by internal insight and personalities ever-seeking wisdom.

As ‘Marijuana Prohibition’ sees it’s end-days, open yourself to the idea of a new kind of “Cannabis Cleanse”. Whether you choose to consume or not, I feel it is the responsibility of each of us to give this free 63-page publication the courtesy of reading on behalf of all loved ones past, present, and future whom may find benefit be it for simple lifestyle habits to more serious health conditions. Consider it a PSA, and one with valuable preventative information for all walks of life.

In the closing words of Jane, Kristen, and Kira, found splashed against a bright yellow background:

“Take Joy In Choosing Well”





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