Evoxe Laboratories: Cannabis Vape Pens from a Chronic Pain Perspective

Company: Evoxe Laboratories

Motto: “Choose The Mood”

Product (s): THC and/or CBD, essential-oil-infused cannabis oil vapor pens


  • Red | ‘Engage’ (THC)
  • Blue | ‘Deep’ (THC)
  • Black | ‘Stealth’ (THC)
  • White + Silver | ‘Balance’ (CBD)
  • White + Gold | ‘Balance+’ (CBD+THC)


  • 0.5ml
  • CO2 Extraction
  • Portable
  • Fully Charged
  • Disposable 
  • 150 one-second puffs | Longer drags (up to 3 seconds) decrease total inhalations | 2-3 days with very heavy use / 1+ month with sporadic use
  • Buttonless | Inhale-only
  • Indicator light on end

Duration of Review Period: 10 months | 10 pens

Intended Purpose(s):  Pain relief | Mood enhancement | Stress relief | Sleep aid

Closing in on 15 years of a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis has left me with a boatload of attempted treatments, and a raft’s worth of unsuccessful cannabis products. With new vape pens hitting the green streets every day, it can feel overwhelming finding a viable option for clean medicine, let alone actual pain relief.

I first tried Evoxe last Fall, when I came away from my first cannabis show with one of each of their pens. The company promised the highest-quality, lab-tested cannabis oils and organically grown essential oils.

They now come in  5 colors / flavor + effect options. Each pen’s shell is a fantastically silky-smooth, grippable texture. Each pen could pass as an eCig by appearance. I was quite doubtful at first that these compact little devices could hold much relief, but after nearly a year of use I can promise you I will be a return customer for many years to come!

  • Engage – 380 mg THC, 1.1 mg CDB, 93% Sativa oil (76% THC), 7% Engage oil blend
  • Stealth – OG Kush, 355 mg THC, 1 mg CBD (71% THC)
  • Deep – 380 mg THC, 1.1 mg CBD, 93% Indica oil, 7% Deep oil blend
  • Balance – 125 mg CBD, 93% Hemp oil, 7% Balance oil blend

MOOD: Energized ~ Active

The ENGAGE pen quickly became my favorite. It is a sativa blend meant to wake you up, and does so physically and mentally.

I grew up chewing Big Red gum with my Grandpa, and the cinnamon essential oil in this mixture brings the happiest nostalgic memories to mind. Alongside cinnamon they’ve added peppermint, lime, and cypress. 

One hit gifts a flush of zesty sativa that I find awakening to every sense.  If you were to watch me, you would see my eyes widen a bit and a smile spread across my face each time.

Deeply inhaled, I have felt that ENGAGE expands my lungs. At the peak of the wildfires last fall, I found relief from the suffocating smoke with the help of this vaporizing pen. If I am slightly congested, engage seems to help clear me up.

I prefer ENGAGE for any activity that will require some energy. It doesn’t hurt that the snazzy red color makes me feel even sexier somehow.

MOOD: Intense ~ Subtle

The STEALTH is a strain-specific hybrid pen foregoing essential oils, featuring OG Kush. It seemed to me the most unique in the line as it offered a more traditional experience, lacking the additional flavors and effects of non-cannabis oils.

To ensure a full flavor experience, Evoxe upgraded their STEALTH with extra terpenes, unlike most Co2 extractions on the market. The experience was like what any old-school hippie would hope to have: honest, natural, deep delivery, soft on the lungs, head-and-body-buzzing, happy, and relaxed.  The best of both indica and sativa worlds!

The STEALTH perhaps gets its name from the fact that they have chosen to dramatically dim the light on the end of the pen that signals activation when inhaled. The others give off a lovely bright glow, but between the black shell and dimmed end of the STEALTH, you feel like a real #vapeninja.

MOOD: Relaxed

The DEEP is my mermaid’s answer to the chaos of the city: a few puffs in and I feel as at-ease as I do away from it all swimming deep beneath the ocean blue.

I found this indica blend to be my go-to pen at my worst points with the emotional chaos I experienced as a side-effect from prescription medications. It stayed on my nightstand with my CBD pen for painful, sleepless nights.  It makes sense now when I consider their choices of essential oils:

Lavender is an ancient anti-anxiety answer, chamomile contains nourishing minerals for the body and mind, and orange is known to be a natural sedative. Between the three, I truly find that my nervous system is able to relax deeply.

DEEP frees me.

MOOD: Restored

The BALANCE was the original CBD vaporizer created by Evoxe, and remains their exclusively-CBD pen. Unbeknownst to mass society, hemp-derived CBD extracts ARE INDEED LEGAL to ship and consume cross-country!

I was told over a decade ago that both of my knees and both of my elbows had sustained such severe damage from rheumatoid arthritis that I already needed all four major joints replaced. Needless to say, I had little faith in the claims made on their lovely packaging to take the edge off of the kind of pain that I experience every day.

The combination of frankincense, ylang ylang, geranium, and tangerine offer a delicious overtone of calming effects. Did I feel pain relief, though? I can joyfully confirm that- YES- the CBD Balance holds potent enough CBD isolate to take the edge off of pain from inflammation from many sources!

Retailing at $40 with 99.6% pure CBD isolate, it an essential tool in my arsenal. I have even flown with my Balance pens many times with no trouble, naturally! Besides the physical relief, I can’t describe the mental and emotional relief I have been gifted by the freedom this alarmingly fully legal device gives me.

This “#spoonie” approves of this vapor pen  whole-heartedly

MOOD: Restored

The BALANCE+ is Evoxe’s newest and possibly most medicinal pen.

“By blending all of the naturally occurring CBD, THC, cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole plant extract with the restorative terpenes present in the essential oils, Balance+ hopes to be the most effective CBD vaporizer available in the state of California.”

This mixture is a fuller, more complete approach to therapeutic vaporization. When I was first prescribed medical marijuana in CA, my doctor recommended consuming both THC and CBD to address my autoimmune disorder; by choosing to vaporize vs. combust my cannabis I am further moving toward a deeply healthy lifestyle.

Frankincense, ylang ylang, geranium, and tangerine come through once more to promote circulatory health, cell regeneration, calm, and a positive, uplifted mental state. 

This pen is my constant companion and never fails to deliver pain and stress relief.  Day or night, alone or in public, toking lightly or hitting heavily, BALANCE+ is THE medical cannabis connoisseur’s must-have accessory!

(Click for product video)

Intended Purpose(s):  

  • Pain relief ✓ (YES)
  • Mood enhancement ✓ (YES)
  • Stress relief ✓ (YES)
  • Sleep aid ✓ (YES)

When it comes to the Evoxe line of portable, disposable vaporizing pens, I give a solid A.

The pens themselves are the perfect palm size with a pleasant, smooth, non-slippery texture. Each box has a beautiful, high-end appeal.

The scent combinations completely throw off anyone who isn’t a cannabis consumer, and will peak the curiosity of anyone who is. You’ll have to reveal the truth yourself, however, because you’ll never come close to a “weedy” smell from an Evoxe exhale. The STEALTH leaves me feeling the most concern considering that it does not contain essential oils. I feel like a ninja with it regardless.

To avoid overheating that will feel hot to the touch, hold the pens near the LED indicator light. When your pen has run out, the light will no longer activate.

Do not store your pen where it will be in drastic heat for an extended period of time or some oil may leak out.

If ever there is a defect to be found, an email to their sales department results in a situation made immediately right.

Their website is easy to navigate and provides in-depth details into each product, testing results (found in PDF form in each individual product page), a well-thought-out FAQ, a product safety guide, and a blog with fun, relatable cannabis-lifestyle insights.

To #choosethemood yourself, sign up for an account on their website today. From there you can directly order your first balance CBD pen! No need to sign up for an account if you’re in California, simply search their list of retailers to find a provider nearest to you. Dispensaries and delivery services will be amongst your options, many with first-time-user deals.

Enjoy truly discreet cannabis therapy vaporizing!

NOTE: I wrote this review to the best of my ability, with the utmost honesty, at-will and with no agreement written or implied between myself or any other party, Evoxe included. This review is independent and freelance by a an 8-year cannabis patient for rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and anxiety.

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