Still, Today • An Ode to Aging Lovers

“We all need somebody to lean on….” at Symbiosis Gathering 2016 CA

​An elderly, breaking-down-beautifully couple     speaking gently in the waiting room…. 

Wife is reminding husband of surgeries he’s forgotten about…

     and the doctor they are about to see

 but that he has also forgotten…. 

    Sweetly reminding him 

that it’s still their nurse with them,

    she just switched seats… 

Him finding his humor

   despite obvious dementia 

and making a joke about the plain wall before us

that makes all 3 laugh… 

A bubble of joy and connection….

In a matter of a few moments, their obvious long-built companionship and heartfelt commitment to one another moves slowly and steadily on down the hallway….

And they know 

They at least have

One another 




– At UCLA Hospital 10/18/16 1:00 p.m.

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