Pretty Little Blonde Girl Slam Poetry

Pretty little blonde girl, it’s recess, don’t you want to play? 

Why don’t you smile getting chased and groped on sunny days?

Pretty little blonde girl, we’ll put you in a dress…

 Call you pretty, make you weak,  ignoring your distress.

Pretty little got blonde girl, we tell you to be brave. 

But when you ask to experience life in the yard is where you’ll stay. 

Pretty little blonde girl, “oh we love you so” But don’t be gay and don’t be bi, we’d rather just not know.

Pretty little blonde girl, you have such a sweet little voice. 

But keep it quiet, and keep it simple,      nobody wants to hear you cry 

nor rejoice.

Pretty little blonde girl, don’t you see the world is yours? 

Then why

 when I try 

to make it so 

am I reminded 

I’m just a pretty little blonde fucking girl?

Hear me roar 


with every other little girl. 

Me in the early 1990’s, Ohio

Reflections on growing up. Be aware of what is happening with your children at home and away. Remember girls need sun to grow, too. Encourage your daughter to be a scientist. Teach your little girl self-defense and how to have a strong voice. Love the woman she loves if she chooses not to bring home a man. Know that strong women will help change the world for the better.
With love. 

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