Self-Care: Cannabis Cleanse Diaries

The term “self-care” in today’s society can be a very tricky thing to navigate.

Although this is true whether you are man or woman, I am going to focus on the female aspect tonight.  Of the stoner type if ya feel meh…… 

Let’s begin with a pretty bowl deeply filled with good green ganja and a Google search of the word.

The primary result comes from Wikipedia, pointing immediately to the lack of a solid foundation of “self-care” in the English language:


I think that the gist of that quote is simply asserting

Self-care can be boiled down to: consciously and voluntarily making daily individual choices which combine personal intuition and scientific intelligence to both maintain and obtain the best possible balance of all-around Wellness for an individual.

Did you notice the tricky part I added?

  • That little BIG word- DAILY

There is a momentum that we get caught up in.

We often forget to do things for our personal well-being that we ought to almost innately do. I mean, how often do you actually get your daily intake of vegetables? I mean to anybody’s standards?

Permeating that momentum are confusing societal declarations pertaining to a woman and how she should behave.

And you know what?

Fuck Society’s Standards of Feminine Self-Care.

I say we begin aggressively honoring our feminine nature.

When was the last time tilted back your glorious head and howled at the Moon? I can think of a handful of occasions that I held myself back from such a natural urge on account of being afraid of looking like a crazy person!

So let’s start there.


Let me hear you howl.

Now that you have gotten in touch with your core, question it.

You can do this quietly or you can do this chaotically.

You can choose to meditate atop a mountain or sheepskin rug if you like. You can dance to your favorite throwback jam.

I like to do a little bit of all of it with the complementing clarity and easy attitude cannabis gives me when I light up.

So back to that whole “daily” detail in the definition I created at the beginning of this entry. I DO take my cannabis vegetable daily. (hehe) My endocannabinoid system is certainly taken care of! Flower, dabs, topicals,  and even a beautiful selection of THC capsules and CBD oil for rheumatoid arthritis. This varied therapy combined with prescribed pharmaceuticals is helping me to recover from disability; but there is so much to consider and remember and tackle every day, no matter who you are! …Which is where that tricky momentum I spoke of comes into play.

So- I STOP- THINK- what have I been forgetting?

Too often it is the obvious. Nature calls us all. I’m not being ironic since I’m on my period and I’m not joking around since we all must excrete waste. It honestly calls for us. Nature is there as a Healer and Protector, despite its destructive aspects. It seems like the first thing we do when we get caught up in the pace around us is lose our sight for Mother Nature’s gifts. I believe at this point that it is imperative for every soul to prioritize time with nature. The more we connect to Our Roots, the better we are able to remember that we all come from one place. The kind of peace that knowing gives us is priceless!

Sometimes it’s as simple as prayer and practicing ‘mindfulness’. How often we forget to commune with ‘the source’! The longer I go without asking for guidance in meditation or prayer, the more confused I feel! As a child, I first found my answers surrounded by that much-needed nature mentioned above. Prayer and meditation can be many things for many people. I would never put you in a box!  One of my favorite mindfulness guidance apps for stress, anxiety, and the depressive like is Headspace. I just keep going back to the same 10 helpful sessions that come free. You can try it free too by clicking on this Headspace link.

Sometimes it’s as gross as realizing I’ve been neglecting to clean under my toenails. We all know that funky skunky stinky stuff builds up. Can I get a Hallelujah for old fashioned ear candles on that note?

At other times, it’s as profound as consciously taking the time to reinforce my decision to love myself unconditionally. The world can make us believe that we are lacking. I even recently made the small investment of a properly fitting bra to remind me what a perfect set of knockers I have. As a woman with a small chest, LalaLu was my answer to embracing my boobie beauty again. I am whole and perfect as I am, and so are you!

I’m going to ask that you get a little weird as well. How can we talk about self-care pertaining to women without addressing periods? Menstruation is not a dirty word, dirty deed, or dirty subject to speak of. In my world, this realm of self-care has shifted dramatically. I recently gave into trying silicone menses cups, washable cotton menstrual pads, bamboo leak-proof period panties, and -next time- I am going to try the all-natural sea sponge tampon alternative! Whaaaaat?! So far, this has all opened up my comfortability with my own body in ways that I have not known in years! Much more on that in my blogs in the future (subscribe so that you don’t miss out!) Remember, it is natural and beautiful. So shed that shame!

It could even be time for you to address something bigger. Have you been giving your energy to something or someone that leaves your soul feeling less than soaring? Do you even feel close to flight? If you don’t, it is time to dive deep into that mushy gut and find some new subjects, places, people, or hobbies that resonate with your purpose. Speak your heart, bare your authenticity. You might piss some people off, confuse the fuck out of many others, and wind up with some extra space on your real-life “Friend’s List”. GOOD. You are several steps closer to living a life you love!

Self-care can take on many forms. What is important is that you tailor the concept to your individual wants and needs! Your idea of caring for yourself will look very different than the woman next to you. 

So trust your insides when they are screaming at you. Dance with your insides when they are singing at you. Sit quietly with your insides when they are whispering desperately for you to listen. 

You are worth the time it takes to evaluate how well you have been loving and caring for yourself. I firmly believe that when that is on lock, our ability to love and take care of others like mad blossoms exponentially!

Download or view the Cannabis Cleanse Diaries here to give yourself an educational boost on responsible cannabis consumption, get neat recipe ideas, read testimonials like mine, and more!


I enjoy evenings spent quietly at home more than ever before.


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