Everything Is Connected

Hi there. I’m Kayla Arielle, and I’m grateful that you’re here.

I am 28 years old and looking forward to 30. I have spent a great deal of my life practicing balance with chronic pain and mental and emotional upsets that the diagnosis of severe juvenile-onset rheumatoid arthritis brought over 15 years ago. Time has taught me so much, and I aim to share with you my most valuable takeaways and memories.

Over the years I have come to a conclusion:

Society is not a system designed for the healing, growth, nor joy of the individual, but rather as a means of control for a species once too infantile to self-regulate responsibly. We are entering our human race’s era of awakening, DARING us to see the world with a more developed perspective, and react accordingly.

Seeing our existence in this light has led me to accepting a few labels that I pray may aid me in becoming a better human- in other words, a human being making a kinder and wiser impact on this earth day by day…


Such As:

I am an artist, painter, budtender, entrepreneur & business manager, hooper,  AND Body Positive, medical cannabis, invisible illness, physical illness, mental illness, evironmental, LGBTQ, world peace, ANNND spiritual freedom ally and advocate.

 To be an ally and advocate, the real world needs our interaction. Which brings me to this addition: I am a social media manager studying and practicing an anti-social-media-addiction lifestyle in which one may find themselves freed from the constraints of constant notifications and technological so-called ‘responsibilities’.

Please, my friends, join me as we create the historical truths we dream of by first thinking outside of the box we must burn. Join me as I reveal years of hard work on my personal dreams and the adventures and secrets that have fueled my story. Join me in creation, in communication, and in a little bit of cannabis-accompanied chill.


[ Los Angeles, California ]


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